ML API for Business

We developed a neuro-bio inspired generic deep learning algorithm that works as simple as an intelligence test. It automatically detects and predicts patterns and allows you to build intelligent apps easily.


Our software is easy to use because it offers a straightforward and well defined REST api which allows you to build intelligent apps from any environment. This way you can connect e.g. JavaScript applications, spreadsheets or even your online broker.

Runs Locally

While our implementation provides an api interface it is entirely written in C#, does not require a database or other services and it can even run without internet connection.

Less Training

Opposed to other technologies only a small amount of training cycles is required to train the self constructing neuronal network. The model automatically scales based on your training set.


You can easily work with the REST api interface from any programming language using simple HTTP requests. This allows you to connect from almost any application.


The algorithm can be applied to a large variety of usecases. Here are some examples of what kind of applications can be realized.

Get Started Now

Our ML engine is available via a restful api. If you are interested in a POC to solve your ML task, please contact us and provide us with details on your project.

API documentation



Our service is free to use for development and testing purposes. Our community edition is opensource licensed under SSPL. Vanillatech ML Workstation is the ready-to-use software which runs on your local machine. If you require adaptions or support please contact us for an individual offer.

Community editionfree
  • Opensource code
  • licensed under SSPL
  • Unlimited models
  • Development
  • Unlimited api calls
  • 1 model/machine
  • runs on MS Windows
  • Commercial projects
  • Free email support
  • Unlimited api calls
  • Unlimited models
  • Commercial projects
  • Support plans
  • On-prem availability

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